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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seattle Latin Community Page

Good news: I've finally figured out how to organize my Seattle Salsa website. You can see my inspiration at the new Community and Bands pages.

As you can see, my idea is quite simple, but I have a lot of work to do - and I need your help.

You can start by taking a glance at the Community page and giving me some feedback. (You can either e-mail me via this page or post a comment right below this blog post.)

Do you like the way I've organized this page? Do you have any ideas for improving it? Do you know of any local individuals, bands or businesses that I left out? I don't have a list of all of Seattle's Latin dance teachers, musicians or clubs, so I need help tracking all of them down.

Next, I want to work on the Musicians page. I'll create separate blog pages where people can comment on the Bands, Musicians and other section pages. This post is for commenting on the Community page or the overall project.

Thanks for any feedback!

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