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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Seattle Latin Bands Page

After launching me new Seattle Latin Community page, I launched a Seattle Latin Bands pages. This blog post serves primarily as a place for people to comment on the Bands page or offer additional information or advice. (You can also e-mail me via my Contact Page - or e-mail me directly, if you know my e-mail address.)

Anyway, my new Bands page features a list of twenty Seattle area Latin bands, with links to their websites and Facebook/MySpace pages (if any).

A second table organizes the bands by genre or style and offers a brief description. Finally, I created a table that lists the members of each band.

I'm already working on my Musicians page, but I still need a lot of help with my Bands page. Fortunately, I can probably get most of my questions answered by simply contacting each band.

In the meantime, please let me know if you see any errors - or if I've left out any bands or band members.

I want to add at least one more feature: A list of albums recorded by each of these bands and links to online audio files, so visitors can hear samples of their music.

Also, I might add some sort of performance calendar, though I'll probably just work that into my existing Seattle Salsa Calendar.

Thanks for any tips!

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