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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Reflections, Predictions & Resolutions

I hate to be a downer, but I’m not predicting a good year. I think the economy is still going downhill, along with our government. (My job certainly isn’t getting any better.) And how many more countries are we going to invade? From Iraq to Afpakistan to Yemen, and the military buildup in Latin America is very ominous.

But there’s always hope. This has been a very bizarre New Years for me. My New Years Eve was brightened by the news that the CIA is getting its butt kicked in Afghanistan, followed by the news that Rush Limbaugh had a heart attack. (Pardon me if I’m suffering from compassion fatigue.) And Obama and Bill Gates have both been unmasked, as more and more people see them for what they are. (Isn’t it interesting that Bill Gates is once again the world’s richest individual, even as the economic train wreck has affected computer sales?) Indeed, Obama, Bill Gates and the CIA appear to be linked together in a rather intriguing conspiracy, unwittingly revealed by the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thanks to the Seattle Salsa Congress, I had the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had here in Seattle. Similarly, Salsa helped make this my best New Years. But I’m even more excited by the discovery of the powerful political currents swirling around Latin music.

I’ve never found a single good political ally even here in liberal Seattle. Shortly before New Years, I was overwhelmed to discover that several new allies - mostly Latin American - had discovered and connected with me on the Internet, especially via Facebook. When I say “Viva Chavez!” these people don’t call me crazy; unlike most U.S. citizens, they understand. Right-wingers are welcome to George W. Traitor, and liberals can have his twin brother, Obama. I’ll take the only world leader who has stood up to Exxon and won.

In the meantime, my favorite local Latin band, Sambatuque, recently got back together and will be putting on a reunion performance in a couple weeks. I’m also hoping the Salsa documentary Politics of Rhythm might be released this year. (Judging from the demo, it does indeed delve into politics.) On an almost bizarre note, a film-maker who produced a DVD focusing on Tim Eyman (a prominent activist here in Washington State, though I suspect he’s actually working for the bad guys) told me he’d like to make a movie about me - a prospect I find as scary as it is flattering.

Did I already mention that this has been a bizarre New Years?


Before I share my New Years resolutions with you, let me offer you my predictions.

I've already stated my predictions for the U.S. economy and government: They’re going down. I don’t know if unemployment will increase significantly, but the average U.S. citizen is going to get hosed, one way or another, because Obama hasn’t even attempted to fix one of the major problems with our economy (deregulation, privatization, job outsourcing, corporate welfare, etc.).

In the meantime, the prospects of the U.S. evolving into a fascist state are as real as ever. People who still think Obama is the Great Savior are fools.

Saying that Corporate America’s ever more disgusting wars are going to increase isn’t a prediction; it’s happening as I write this. Obama has given the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan a big boost and is now lobbing missiles at Yemen. The U.S. military buildup in Latin America is especially alarming.

Newsweek’s stunning prediction that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will be toppled in a coup in 2010 should not be taken lightly. I see it as further evidence that the U.S. is planning to oust (or kill) Chavez this year, though Team Obama will almost certainly act through some proxy. They’d LOVE to tell the world that it was an inside job.

I’m not ready to predict a hot war in Latin America, but I do predict our new de facto Cold War will heat up, with some military action. And I predict that Hugo Chavez will indeed by targeted by a coup and/or assassination attempt. If Chavez is toppled by a coup, I further predict that he will be killed, because surviving a second coup would make him an even bigger hero. Obama and Bill Gates want Chavez dead.

But my predictions really aren’t that gutsy; most of them are simply stating the obvious. So let me add a more daring prediction: Hugo Chavez will add Bill Gates to his hit list. That is, he will publicly label Bill Gates a global criminal and give him the same non-stop tongue lashing he assailed George Bush and Obama with.

Closer to home, I predict a noticeable change in Seattle’s Salsa scene. (You might even be able to follow that change on this website:))


So what are my New Years resolutions? Well, I’m going to stick with Salsa, which I find as great a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. I was on the verge of giving up, but the Seattle Salsa Congress really gave me a boost, and the “politics of the rhythm” only makes it more irresistible.

Latin music and dance offer a much needed break from my political battles and have become sort of a political ally at the same time. People who think Salsa is nothing more than a form of recreation are missing the big picture.

My other resolution is to simply continue what I’ve been seemingly doing forever - working on my websites and fighting the political battles that no one else seems to care about. I think 2010 may actually turn out to be a good year for me. I just feel terrible knowing that it will likely be another rotten year for my children - the students I taught during my sixteen years in education. They were the closest thing I’ve ever had to my own family, and I’ll never forget or abandon them. For me, they are what the revolution is all about.

So screw Obama, and viva la musica!

Remember - A revolution without dance is a revolution not worth having.


  1. "Afpakistan"--now there's a term worth keeping. I've been calling the place "Vietghanistan" lately, myself; it seems appropriate, considering that Zbigniew Brzezinski wanted it to be the Vietnam of the Soviets. Now it's Vietnam for the US all over again, and sadly, us Canadians as well. Should have killed NATO when the Cold War ended...

    And yep, I'm totally with you on the economic front, too. It's gonna get worse before it gets better, and it won't get better in earnest unless Obama smartens up and bites the corporate hand that fed him. He forgets it wasn't corporations but people that voted for him, and people that contributed the most to his campaign; nothing good can come of a leader who fails to heed those who elected him, or who thinks that what's good for corporations is good for the country. The people must come first, because it's the people on whom the corporations depend, much as they'd like to think they've divorced themselves from all such petty externalities as humans trying to make a living. Another big mistake, and in my unhumble opinion, THE reason the economy is now in the toilet.

    And if they do succeed in killing Chávez, they're going to have hell to pay, because Latin America will never let go of what it's fought so hard for. Chávez may become a martyr, but the revolution won't die with him, and anyone who thinks it will is a fool. They forget who voted for him--some 60% of Venezuela. They forget, too, that Chávez is not the revolution; the revolution is two hundred years of fighting Latin Americans, kicking empires to the curb every time. First Spain, then the US, now corporate multinationals. Every single time, the revolutionaries have kicked their ass, and they're still stupidly trying to impose themselves on people who want to be truly free. They think that if they kill enough leaders, people will get the message and turn coward, buckle down, and accept re-enslavement. Will they never learn that you just can't decapitate a revolution? Or are they just that anxious to see how big a bitch Karma actually is?

  2. Congratulations - I think you're the first to post a comment on my SeaLatin blog!

    And what a comment - very well thought out and well written. I especially like the last sentence.

    Can the 9/11 incidents be dismissed as nothing more than terrorist attacks, or were they an example of "blowback" (i.e. a bitch on wheels called Karma)?

  3. Sm said...

    Hey, I just wanted to tell you not to give up for a bit. I have not read how often you go out to dance and how do you like it, but anyway, my salsa life started to go up sharply after about a year of misery :) And I bet another year till I'll be somehow good.

    It takes a lot of time and various approaches, I think you're on right track with Vassili. I took classes from him in Seattle last year, so we probably met at some 200 class.

    Anyway, don't give up, when it gets better it's really good.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Sm. It is getting better, though it's still very difficult and frustrating - learning to dance and navigating the social scene both. And my problems may have doubled, as I think I'm now addicted to Samba, too. :)