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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shani Talmor

A native of Israel, Shani Talmor is a reminder that salsa is a global phenomenon. More than travel around the word in pursuit of her passion, she has lived in Spain, Italy and America’s most celebrated cultural melting pot, New York City.

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Talmor established her name in the global Latin community in 2000 as part of the Israeli Salsa Academy “Latino Del Mundo.” Specializing in Cuban style, L.A. style, ladies styling and samba, she moved to Spain at age twenty and joined the famous salsa dance company “Imperio Azteca,” directed by Johnny Vazquez and Ramon Morales. After her first year, Talmor became the group’s principal female dancer and Johnny’s permanent dance partner.

After Imperio Azteca was voted “Best Group of the Year: 2004” by the European salsa community, the group moved to Italy (2005), where it became part of “Academia Latina,” located in Caravaggio, Gergamo. Three years later, Talmor moved to New York City to be part of Caribbean Soul Dance Co., directed by Ismael Otero.

With Ismael, Shani has taken her diverse dance training and sensual style on the road, performing and teaching around the world for approximately three years, taking salsa congresses by storm.

Trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop, samba and Afro-Cuban, Talmor has also found success as a dance teacher. She founded and directs a ladies styling performance team called “Shani’s Girls.”

More recently, Talmor accepted choreographer, dancer and director Sekou Mcmiller’s September 2008 request to join his Latin Jazz project Proyecto Descarga. In that capacity, she performed at the New York City Salsa Congress in 2008 and the Chicago and Puerto Rico salsa congresses in 2009.

Below are a couple videos of Shani Talmor in action.

Ismael Otero & Shani Talmor Free Style Salsa

Ismael Otero & Shani Talmor

Private Lessons

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W = Teaching a Workshop
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Did you know that many performers offer private lessons during salsa congresses? Naturally, you're going to have to contact each salsero to arrange a private lesson. They will also be able to give you all the details.

However, I’ve begun your homework by contacting all the salsa stars who will be offering workshops and performances at the 2009 Seattle Salsa Congress and gathering as much information as they’re willing to share.

I haven’t yet learned if Shani Talmor will be giving private lessons. All I know is that she’s teaching a workshops at 11:30 a.m. on Friday.

I’ll update this post if I learn any details. In addition, Ms. Talmor has been invited to post on this blog occasionally, keeping the community up to date on her availability and any changes to her schedule.

Remember, this is not an official schedule, and Ms. Talmor’s schedule could change. Please contact her if you’re interested in taking a private lesson from her. I don’t have permission to post her phone number or e-mail address, but you can find contact information on her Website.

Please try to schedule lessons as far in advance as possible, and please don’t call her while she’s teaching a workshop or otherwise engaged. If you use this information to help you schedule a private appointment, please let Ms. Talmor know. If this project is successful, I may do it again during the next Seattle Salsa Congress.

You can see a Master Schedule indicating which visiting salsa stars are offering private lessons and their general availability here.

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