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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fourth Seattle Salsa Congress

The Fourth Seattle Salsa Congress is going to be held at the Hilton (Seattle Airport) on November 27-29. Participants can choose between more than thirty workshops offered by salsa stars from around the world or a "Salsa Bootcamp" taught by globe-trotting salsa diva Edie, the Salsa Freak.

From the Seattle Salsa Congress website: “Friday, Opening Night you can dress casual. Saturday is Gala Night with a live 10-piece band. Dress to impress. And Sunday is Descarga Night and a Pro Jack & Jill Competition.”

Stupid me, one of my favorite salsa songs is Descarga de Hoy, and I’ve seen that word (descarga) elsewhere, but I still don’t know what it means. And what’s a Pro Jack & Jill Competition?

But that’s part of the beauty of Latin dance; there’s so much to learn; it’s like a non-stop growing experience.

So what are your plans for the Seattle Salsa Congress? Any inside scoops or tips? Are you going to participate in the workshops or the Salsa Bootcamp?

I registered for the bootcamp. It was probably a stupid choice, as I took it in Portland just a few months ago. However, I wasn’t sure if I’m good enough for the workshops, and I’ve really been suffering from beginner’s Salsa Anxiety lately. So I chickened out.

On the positive side, Edie’s Salsa Bootcamp is an awesome experience, and I’m anxious to study her teaching techniques in a little more detail. Plus, it would be cool to go into it a little more advanced, so I can get more out of her classes and not feel like a dunce whenever I get stuck on a move.

In the meantime, I’ve been researching and writing biographies of the various salsa stars who will be teaching workshops and performing. You can access them here. Note that each bio is linked to a blog page where you can post your comments and find information to help you schedule a private lesson with a particular artist. You can also see a Seattle Salsa Congress Schedule.

Please share your thoughts on the Fourth Seattle Salsa Congress.

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  1. It looks I get to be the first to comment on my post. :) Are you registered for Edie's Salsa Bootcamp? If so, you can get a jump on the other students by purchasing a Syllabus CD at http://www.dancefreak.com/videos/syllabus.htm

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how they match with the Bootcamp classes. In other words, I'm not sure if the first CD covers the bootcamp, or if you have to buy the first two or all three. (If you find out, please let me know.)

    Notice, also, the link that allows you to download a free "Pocket Syllabus."